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animperfectpatsy asked:

Okay some more words... TBH you're cool and I wish I was better at the conversation with you.

aitherion asked:

tbh no seriously we don't talk much but you're pretty awesome and i like you a lot


When I say “my favorite character is flawless”, what I mean is “My favorite character has so many flaws, but those flaws in no way tarnish their true qualities and instead makes them more real and special, and that is why they are my favorite”

But it’s a lot easier to say “My favorite character is flawless”

TBH sometimes when i’m feeling bad about stuff I think about when Miranda was drunk at Katsucon as Spades Slick and I just squirm with happiness and put my hands on my face

Like, damn.

I already felt attractive that night but everything she said and did in that short span of time just made me feel like a goddess.

Anonymous asked:

tbh meeting you briefly was really fun even if I don't remember many of the details because Otakon was kinda a blur

Oh mannnnn who are you were you from the con center or a room friend let me adore you.


You guys know how I have that donation link on my page? Maybe I can put it to good use.

My cat Reggie, he’s really sick. He’s about 14 years old now and up until a week ago he was healthy as a horse. A really horrible sack of something appeared on his butt about a week ago and it’s only in getting worse. We’ve tried feeding him antibiotics, but he won’t eat. We can even really bottle feed him; he threw it back up.

He really needs to be taken to the vet, but we can’t afford it at the time. We have very little money after all our bills are paid.

I can’t really do much in the line of thanks for donating, but I will do commissions and write you thinks and make you whatever you want. I just can’t lose another animal right now…

Please, any little bit will help. Thank you all in advance.

dreadpiratemindfang asked:

tbh you were my very first con friend and i'm really glad i met you and also i miss you!! ^u^

Anonymous asked:

TBH Your love for characters like the Amporas and Serkets (Mindfang in particular) creeps me out for reasons I can't quite pin down.

Sorry you feel that way friend!

Probably because they are pretty shitty people and I tend not to talk about their bad points very often. Rest assured I am fully aware that they exist. o/) And I will continue to do my best to tag everything in case you need to block it.

aitherion asked:

tbh you're like DAAAAYUM

sheathedpencils asked:

tbh DAMN woman~

animperfectpatsy asked:

TBH = the best hottie

seariouslykrilliant asked:

TBH there`s nothing about you I don't aggressively love and I trip over finding words adequate of how great I think you are. I dunno I'm dumb *Lays on back and kicks feet into the air*